Traffic city

Traffic City, situated in Uue-Antsla, is a perfect place where you could revive your childhood or give your children an eventful and fun day.  Unique indoor city mesmerizes you with shining lights and joyful mood: enjoy drive-in cinemas, dance in the modern discotheque, experience the magic of the witches' world, take pleasure in tasting local food and much more. You could learn how to operate safely through the town as well how to unleash your naughty side. Still be careful! If you are too mischievous you may find yourself in the lockup, where you could stay for a while.

Our F1 track, bicycle city, real marketplace and the only amusement park in South-East Estonia are at your disposal. Do not be fooled by our little roller-coaster: it's a sheep in wolf's clothing.

"How does this kind of visit affect the family's wallet?" you ask. The influence is very minor because we have no admission fee. That's right! You only pay for the rides and attractions.

ALL ATTRACTIONS WORK WITH TOKENS (attain them from the cafe)


Information on booking:

+372 533 322 53

Uhtjärve Ürgoru Nõiariik, Urvaste vald
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