Driving rules

  1. When getting into a bumper car, be sure that you have basic driving skills and are able to operate the driving devices (steering wheel, gas pedal) and that your health allows the driving of a motor vehicle. The bumper cars may not be driven under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.
  2. When driving a bumper car, you must wear a helmet and stocking cap and you may not wear loose clothing or dangling jewellery or have long loose hair – these may cause injury.
  3. The starting line area is only for entering and exiting the bumper cars; it is forbidden to hang around on the course for any other reason.
  4. Traffic on the bumper car course is to flow in a counter-clockwise direction. Driving in the opposite direction is strictly prohibited. While bumper cars are being driven, you may not exit the vehicle. If you need help while in the bumper car, raise your hand.
  5. Directions from the director will be conveyed using flags. Their meanings are as follows:
    Yellow flag – danger on the track, reduce speed until the danger has cleared, do not pass other drivers.
    Blue flag – let the faster driver pass. Reduce speed and stay in your lane.
    Black flag – immediately drive to the edge of the track.
    Chequered flag – the race is over. Drive to the starting area.
  6. Driving the bumper cars against the barriers or other cars will be counted as careless driving. If the careless driving constitutes a danger to other drivers, bumper cars, damages to the track or endangers the staff, the track workers have the right to interrupt the race.
  7. Any components of the bumper cars that are damaged in an accident are to be paid for by the driver who caused the accident. The charge shall be commensurate with Traffic City's price list of the bumper car components.
  8. You are responsible for your own actions or lack of action while visiting Traffic City. Traffic City accepts no responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

Roller coaster

NB! If you wish to partake in any activities, please ask the instructor indoors.

For your information:

  • children between 110-130cm may only go on the ride if accompanied by a parent;
  • remain seated during the entire ride, keep your hands and feet inside the car;
  • caution, the platform may be slippery;
  • the car will make four circuits;
  • roller coaster riders under 110cm are prohibited.

We do not recommend riding the roller coaster if:

  • you have joint or back pain;
  • you are pregnant;
  • you feel nauseous;
  • you have dizzy spells;
  • you have any broken bones, etc.;

We wish you exciting and enjoyable roller coaster rides!