Traffic program for children

Visiting Traffic City
We're waiting for you and your friends at the world's smallest “indoor Traffic City“ in Võru county, Urvaste parish, where you can learn about traffic, ride bumper cars, and enjoy everything that a city can offer.

Traffic City is just like a real town. Traffic City includes streets, intersections, cross-walks, traffic signs, trees, grass, flowers, and even real traffic lights. At Traffic City, grown-ups can drive in big battery-powered cars and children can use smaller ones. There are 25 large and small battery-powered bumper cars to drive around town. 

The 1200m2 traffic area with views of New York City also has a petrol station where you can “fill up“ your car. Traffic City also has police, a jail, and a cafe. You can go to the drive-in theatre and visit Ergo Insurance. The first row of the drive-in is modelled after a real American drive-in movie theatre where you can watch a movie while sitting in your bumper car. The balcony section is like a real theatre with chairs. Naturally, the theatre shows traffic-themed educational videos.

We also have a real SkyPlus discotheque equipped with different kinds of curved mirrors where there are fun dance parties. You can have a good laugh looking at yourself in the curved mirrors while dancing!

Price €15/person (ages 3-12, groups starting at 20 people)
The price includes 10 minutes of driving and the admission into Traffic City.
2 free 
entrances for accompanying adults per 20 children.

Additional driving time €3/token (5 minutes).


  • 10 people-45 minutes;
  • 15 people-1 hr;
  • 20 people-1,5 hrs;
  • 30 people-2 hrs.

Attention teachers – the activities we offer can be easily integrated into your lesson plans!