Birthdays at Traffic City

Hey there, little Friend!

I want to share some great news with you! If your birthday is coming up and you want to celebrate it in a very special way, then you can have an unforgettable, stylish party at Traffic City! Here's how it's gonna go. When you get here, we'll tell you all about how traffic works in our town. We'll put you and your friends to the test and find out which traffic signs you have remembered the best. After that, everyone will pick the car they like and go for a drive (about 5 minutes). Of course, after all this activity you will start getting hungry. We've got it covered! A festive birthday party table will be set just for you. But that's far from the end, now it's just starting to get fun. You will also get to enjoy a traffic sign quiz game and see an interesting video about traffic and then you and your friends will get another exciting ride (about 5 minutes). After all this fun, it will be the right time for some birthday cake and before the party is over, we'll have a DISCO in honour of the birthday boy or girl at our discotheque.

You can choose the following from the children's menu:

  • French fries, hot dogs, veggie plate, fruit drink, and cake;
  • Mashed potatoes, meatballs, salad, gravy, fruit drink, and cake.

Have an unforgettable birthday at Traffic City!


  • starting at 10 children - 130 Euros, lasting about 1 hr;
  • up to 20 children - 260 Euros, lasting about 1.5 hrs;
  • up to 30 children - 390 Euros, lasting about 2 hrs;
  • each additional child will cost €13.

Children's menu

  • Meatball soup, juice drink - €3.50 per person.
  • Hot dogs, french fries, sauce, juice drink - €5/person.
  • Hot dogs, french fries, sauce, veggie platter, juice drink - €6/person.
  • Mashed potatoes, meatballs, salad, gravy, fruit drink - €6/person.


  • Ricotta cheese and fruit cake 2kg at €30-round/3kg at €45-square.
  • Biscuit cake with fruit starting at 2kg at €30-square.
  • Cheesecake with fruit 2kg at €30-round/3kg at €54-square.
  • Themed cakes are available by agreement (can be ordered with a picture, marzipan, and figurines).